Executive Development

Pre-employment screening, assessment and development and executive coaching add value to the recruitment process, aid the development of succession plans and optimise performance. Our specialists have worked around the World with global corporations.

Executive Development

Organisations that want to be outstanding, need outstanding leadership. In a complex World, ensuring you have a top team to develop strategies that can be delivered has never been more important. Talent mapping and 360 feedback help determine whether your executive team is functional or dysfunctional, if they are fit for purpose, how they work together to deliver a common vision and the extent to which all your people understand and support the action plan for the future. Where opportunities for improvement and development are identified, we work with individuals to address these issues. Executives are more satisfied and self assured when they can see they are in the right role, with the right attributes, at the right time. Employers get the payback on their investment.

Our Executive Development services are provided by our third party, trusted, alliance partners to ensure they present an independent and objective consultancy offering.

Our coaches have been invaluable support to Chief Executives needing an independent view, as well as helping Board directors and the tier below ‘up their game’ to work coherently and ensure a succession plan is in place. We give them the tools to ask the questions of themselves and their people to move them from ‘business as usual’, to being aware of their competitive environment both internally and externally.

If you intend for your executive team to look like ‘the best’ rather than ‘the rest’, please call us now for more information or a general discussion, without obligation