Interim Management

Cost effective talent on tap, to lead business transformation programmes, corporate turnaround, drive vital projects to completion on time and on budget, as well as plugging executive gaps during maternity leave, a permanent hiring process or sickness leave cover.

Interim Management

Brook Meadows is a passionate advocate for high calibre, professional, senior interim executives with outstanding track records.

We are rigorous about business process, focused on rapid response, dedicated to successful assignment outcomes and delighted at the growth of Interim Management as an indispensable business tool, which we have helped fuel over the last 20 years with evangelical fervour. But it is a team effort and ‘hats off’ to the exceptional Interim Management talent we have had the privilege to work with over many dozens of multi-sector and multi-functional assignments.

Post-Brexit, Interim Management will provide the most flexible resource of talented executives, allowing organisations to be light on their feet, responsive to events and able to enjoy an infinite bank of talent to call on to boost capacity or provide skills needed just for the short term.

Our ‘star’ group of 1,000 seasoned Interim Management professionals has been built up through over two decades of being a key participant in the international Interim Management sector. We have worked with many of them personally, some repeatedly, and have personal contact on a regular basis with them all. Our star group is supplemented by an extensive database and network extending to over 3,000 registered Interim Managers, mostly UK based but with others based in Europe, the USA and Middle East. We typically deliver our pre-screened shortlist, from first contact with a client in just 5 days – sometimes faster, rarely slower.

Whilst Interim Managers are still used for ‘gap’ assignments covering maternity leave, holding the fort whilst permanent recruitment is in hand or for sickness cover, about half of all assignments are for mission critical transformation programmes in Board or Head of Function roles. Companies in transition or high growth mode also use our Interim Managers to add extra senior capacity, or to provide vital skills only needed for the short term for a particular project.

They are perfect chameleons, adapting to your organisation from day one, managing their own learning curve and focused on delivery hour-by-hour.

Unlike some consultancies who offer ‘a solution looking for a problem’ our Interim Managers tailor their response to the client issues and challenges. Consultancy firms maybe suitable for creating the vision, but when it comes to implementation our Interim Managers bring typically 25+ years of commercial experience and battle scars, and at around half the cost of a junior from a major consultancy firm. They work independently and are not incentivised to fill your premises with legions of junior fee earners. In fact they love to mentor and nurture your in-house teams by working alongside them to deliver a successful assignment outcome, then leave a legacy of learning embedded in your people.

Our Interim Managers have developed IT strategies for a major bank, moved a manufacturing plant from Thailand to Brazil, run mass scale recruitment programmes for companies expanding at stratospheric speed, propelled distressed businesses into rapid turnaround, run mergers and acquisitions – the list seems endless. Contact us for case studies of assignments our team has handled.

If you need a particular executive skill or extra executive capacity for a short or medium term requirement, please call us for more information, without obligation.

The cost of interim management

Interim Managers have consistently represented exceptional value for money. Almost invariably educated to degree level, often with an MBA and backed up by 20+ years of experience at the front line of their field, they bring all their capability and knowledge to bear on the issue you are seeking to address.

Their fees will range from £600 to £2,000+ per day, depending on factors such as the role’s seniority, location, duration and scope of responsibility. Most assignments fall in the £900 to £1,500 per day range. Working through their own personal service company status, they are ‘off payroll’ and headcount.

Interim Managers only charge for the days they work, so you have no holiday or sickness costs, no staff benefits to cover and no exit costs when you part company.