Brook Meadows operates a low-cost overhead model to ensure we offer the competitive service you desire. We believe the high overhead, high fee, traditional Search operating model is outdated. With three vital executive services, fully integrated but available separately, we are a true Board consultancy for securing your senior talent. Our broader Board consultancy also encompasses our extensive history and success in the world of Capital Raising for headline projects, both in the UK and internationally.


Finding the best senior talent to fill a role, whether permanently or temporarily, need not be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Investing in a rigorous briefing process where we really dig deep into the client’s needs and opportunities, is the first and essential step in a successful assignment outcome.

Our business process in painstaking and rigorous, because it is what has fuelled our success time and again. It also fuels our team’s repeat business and we have worked with some of our clients for over 20 years in various guises.

We have fulfilled mandates in every sector, in every corporate function and in many parts of the World.

We only accept mandates for roles we are confident we can fulfil in a timely and professional manner as we do not want to waste your time or ours, nor damage anyone’s reputation – your organisation’s, your personal reputation in choosing us, nor our own.

We don’t believe in our clients paying for us to reside in expensive offices at prestige addresses – so we don’t. Instead we focus on delivering real value at a competitive price.

We believe in doing business face-to-face whenever possible. Nothing beats it.

Why Us?